Thursday, March 30, 2006

Apple is Responsible

Apple released a software update for the iPod yesterday that allows users to control the maximum volume output on their iPods. I assume it's so they don't get sued and we don't go deaf.

Monday, March 20, 2006

8 Great Hacks for iPod

Okay, they're all pretty interesting, except number 4. Putting movies on a iPod with video? Wow, that's really cutting edge along the lines of cracking open your iPod nano and doubling the storage. NOT.

Number 6 is my favorite. Not that I'm going to risk my $400 iPod just to play Pac Man.

Changes Coming to 60GB iPod?

Apple placed the 60GB iPod on their "At Risk List" about a month ago according to

This basically gives resellers notice that Apple may do any of the following: Price Reduction, Feature Changes, Discontinuation, Replacement or Nothing. Yep, you got that last one right. Nothing.

Of course, this could be further evidence of the rumored true Video iPod which is rumored to be released with Apple's 30th Year Anniversary on April 1. Of course, April 1 is a Saturday, which would be a perfectly horrible day to announce new products. So the announcement would be probably be on the 3rd or 4th. :-)

Scrubs Coming to iTunes

Scrubs on iTunes
iMediaConnection is reporting that NBC is working to bring Scrubs to iTunes. If you haven't caught an episode, do it soon. It is one of the funniest shows on TV.

Monday, March 13, 2006

AtomFilms To Go

AtomFilms has launched their AtomFilms To Go, a video service aimed at portable video devices such as the Apple iPod and the Sony PSP.

The initial 10 shorts include the hilariously funny star of The Office, Steve Carell.

TV Show Multi-Pass

With the addition of The Daily Show with John Stewart to the iTunes store, Apple has introduced the "multi-pass". With it, you can purchase a month's worth of episodes (around 16) for $9.99. A pretty good deal if you want all the episodes. The savings is around $22 a month.

A sign of things to come? Possibly. Apple has resisted the subscription model for a long time. If the market share of their competitors is any indication (and it is), Apple may be right that most people want to own their music, and not rent it. With the multi-pass model, the user owns the content - they just pay less for committing to more up front.

This will be interesting to watch.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Apple Store Window Display for iPod Hi-Fi

iPod Hi Fi Window Display
Check out the awesome window display for the iPod Hi Fi. This comes from their flagship store on Michigan Avenue (the magnificent mile) in Chicago.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Review: iPod Hi Fi

Review of iPod Hi Fi
Playlist Magazine has done a very comprehensive review of the new iPod Hi Fi.

The bottom line? It actually lives up to most of the hype. Audiophile quality? Probably not. But if you're looking to replace a bookshelf system or older stereo system, this is a strong contender.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Hello MacHmm, where I have heard that before? Looks like Microsoft is yet again misappropriating classic Mac culture in its lame marketing attempt to gradually unveil details about its "Origami Project." The next announcement about their "ultra-mobile PC device" will come tomorrow. Can it really compete with the iPod? Microsoft may have a lock on the rest of the computing world, but when it comes to toppling Apple on this front, well, they'll really have to blow everybody away. I for one am not on the edge of my seat.

UPDATE: Ok, so they're not intending to compete with the iPod. It sounds like more of a laptop, Pocket PC hybrid. Dumb.

UPDATE: Intel is actually announcing their Origami on March 7. Apparently the "Ultra Mobile PC" is the next big thing. Just like tablet PCs were (are?).

FINAL_UPDATE: Here are the details. I'm underwhelmed and I'm pretty damn sure I'd drop mine or lose it. Although I'd love to see what Apple could design.

Boom Boom Ain't It Great To Be Crazy

iPod HiFiAs if you haven't already heard, Apple announced yesterday their newest addition to the iPod family. No, not the real version of the rumored, faked-up, true video iPod. Now you can get official Apple Hi-Fi speakers specially made to go along with your iPod for the low low price of $349!

Look, I'm sure the sound is awesome. It's nice that it matches the iPod (although, all black speakers would be kind cool). And of course, I'm much more willing to buy Apple products for my Apple products. But I can't help be a bit underwhelmed by it all. Is anything about the speakers even remotely interesting? Haven't other companies been selling these things for years now? The price? And the design? A box? A frickin' shoebox? Would I really want this as a centerpiece of my media system in my living room? It's decided. I need to go to the Apple Store to hear it for myself. That will change my mind. Then I will drink beer and post again. Maybe I'll be more receptive to it.

UPDATE: Just got back from the Apple store and I have to say, it sounds pretty darn good. And I'm even admitting that without beer. $349 good? Sure, if you have it to spare. For me, no, not that good. It does look a bit spiffier in person, but it just looks like a spiffy shoebox, not a frickin' shoebox.

UPDATE2: A very informative review. Makes me want it.