Monday, March 31, 2008

A Drunk Jeff Goldblum Sells the iMac

This is hilarious:

It is the original iMac commercial with Jeff Goldblum, but slowed down 30%. So basically he's just a drunk fast-talker.

Apple Number 1

Apple was recently named the number 1 brand with world impact. Microsoft was named number 1 brand in need of a makeover.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

You've Been Steved

Awesome exchange between Steve Jobs and a customer:

Dear Steve Jobs,

I wanted to write and express my concern about some recent problems that I have had with Apple Care. This week, my MacBook Pro unfortunately sustained water damage. I understand this is entirely my fault but it is still something I would like to get fixed. After three or four calls I was finally able to get a straight answer. While I was happy to get a straight answer, I was not at all happy with the answer. It is very worrisome to me that the only way to get my computer fixed is to pay almost $300.00 up front with no guarantee that this will fix the problem. I was horrified to learn that their is no system to assess the problem and bill once all damage is known. I am reluctant to put money into a problem that could easily grow. I have had three Apple computers in a row. I love using them but I am not sure if my replacement will be one. I feel powerless in the situation and the whole experience has turned me off of the Apple company.


Xxxxxx Xxxx

And Steve's response:


This is what happens when your MacBook Pro sustains water damage.They are pro machines and they don’t like water. It sounds like you’re just looking for someone to get mad at other than yourself.


I love Steve even more now.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Sad Day

Okay, this has nothing to do with Apple, but when the inventor of your favorite (and the greatest) McDonald's breakfast item dies, you do the right thing and honor him.

Rest in peace, Herb Peterson.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Symantic released Norton Antivirus for Mac OS X this week. WTF? Norton Antivirus? For Mac? Well there's a pointless piece of bloatware. I mean Norton runs like shit on a PC (yes, I said shit - screw you, it's my blog). Now it's available for a Mac? A Mac that has no viruses? Um, whatever.

Sure, having an antivirus program on the Mac will cleanse any viruses for your PC-loving friends, but there are several problems with this. First, if you associate with people that use PC's, you obviously have a problem choosing friends. Second, if your friends are stupid enough to still be using PC's, they deserve the viruses.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mac OS X

Happy 7th Birthday OS X!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's About Fudging Time

Although I didn't say Fudging. I said the queen mother of all swear words, the F dash dash dash [ing] word.

The latest Airport Extreme update enables Time Machine updates over AirDisks.

It's about fucking fudging time.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dude, You're Getting a Mac!

Somebody important (I forget now who) did a comparison between the MacBook and Dell XPS and the Mac comes out on top in price by $20. Add in the fact that you get iLife and other software bundled in with the Mac and it comes in way out on top. Take that, dude.

Oh yeah, it was some Bear Stearns analysts.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

AT&T Adds Unlimited Plan to iPhone

For a mere $120 a month, you can talk unlimited to anyone in the US. No minutes to worry about. You still only get a paltry 200 text messages tho.

Cool Pic

Nothing particular to say here other than it's a cool pic. It's made up of all Apple Products.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Apple Announces iPhone SDK

Apple released details on the Apple SDK yesterday. Highlights:

  • SDK is free for basic access.

  • For $99 you get enhanced development tools including the ability to download your app to an iPhone for testing & debugging.

  • For Enterprises wanting to develop custom applications, the cost is $299. You don't get anything additional (that I can tell).

  • Applications will be distributed via a new Application Store in iTunes. Developers will pay Apple 30% of the cost of their application to cover hosting and maintaining the store. There is no cost for free applications.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to start a new business based around the iPhone can apply for a portion of 100 million dollars in venture capitalist funding.

See the full presentation on Apple's site. Very cool stuff.

I've been trying to download the SDK all day, but Apple's developer site is not serving up pages. They must be getting slammed with requests.

UPDATE: Was finally able to download the SDK. A lot of people are having issues and it has to do with the login. You have to login to ADC first, then into iPhone SDK. Real intuitive Apple. I expect better.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Anti MagSafe?

Okay, with two small children (and being a clumsy oaf) I can't tell you how many times the MagSafe Connector has saved my precious MacBook Pro from disaster.

Well, if you'd rather have your non-MagSafe power connector, the MagStay Pro will help you make sure that when you trip over the cord the next time, the Mac will come crashing to the floor.

Um, okay. Whatever.

I'm A Mac....with some hot RAM (booyah!)

Okay, that was terrible. But Justin Long (AKA "Mac") hung out with Drew Barrymore recently on the beach.

Hey, anything for a bikini picture.

No Flash For You!

Apple says "maybe" to Adobe's flash on the iPhone.

iPods Cause Crime, Cancer and Global Warming.

Well, maybe just crime. That's according to some dumbass (2nd time today!) "think tank" that links iPods to violent crime. What a bunch of crap. If I walk up to some punk and hit him with a two-by-four and then take his iPod, that's not crime. That's creative acquisition.

iPhone SDK Announcment Tomorry

Apple's iPhone SDK announcement is tomorrow at 1pm Eastern. I could list all the other time zones, but frankly if you don't live in my time zone then forget you. Plus, Engadget has already done the work. Macrumors, Engadget, and others will have the results of the announcement. I could link to them all, but that would require some effort and frankly, you're just not worth it. I may or may not post an update regarding the announcement. It just depends on how much you piss me off.

Steve Jobs Is A Dumbass

Okay, I have a lot of respect for Steve Jobs. He is behind my favorite consumer products of all time, he turned around the mess that was Apple, he delivers the most entertaining keynote, etc., etc., etc.

But get this. He got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and waited nine months to have life-saving surgery. Jeebus.

Now during those nine months he tried a special diet and other holistic treatments. Now I respect that some of these treatments my help things like indigestion. But freakin' pancreatic cancer?

Fortune Magazine has the scoop.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Scrabble Comes to iPod

If you're a fan of word games, then head over to iTunes and pick up Scrabble for iPod. For just $4.99, you too can be getting triple word scores with "QI", "QUOD" and "XI".

Too Poppy and I have been additively playing Scrabulous, another version of Scrabble for Facebook. Haven't put it down for over 2 months now.

Have fun!