Monday, November 28, 2005

iPod Scratch Protection

iPod Scratch Protection
There's been a lot of chatter about the new iPod Nano scratching easily. However, it's made out of the same exact material as the full-size iPod. And while you do hear about scratching, it's nothing like the iPod Nano complaints. I think it is just so portable and convenient that it gets tossed around quite a bit in your pocket, purse, etc.

You could get an case for it of course, but it kind of takes away from the sleekness, thiness and sexiness of it.

An alternative is a "film" or "shield" where a thin coating of clear plastic coats the iPod. Macworld has a great article on this type of scratch protection.

If you do happen to have some scratches on your iPod, you can use good ol' fashioned inexpensive Brasso metal cleaner. It's mild abrasion buffs out scratches. I've done this on 3 iPods and the results are amazing. No need to spend a ton of money on special formulas.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Apple's Number 7

Okay, they're number 1 in online music sales, they're number one with MP3 players, what do you mean they're number 7?

They're number 7 in the top 10 list of record sales; beating out Tower Records, Sam Goody and Borders for overall sales. Yes, you read that right, overall sales. And the three mentioned above of course are all retail stores.

Now on to beat Best Buy, Wal*Mart and

Monday, November 21, 2005

Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

TiVo announced today that you will soon be able to transfer TiVo'ed programs to your iPod (and PSP) via TiVoToGo. I'm all for maxing out both TiVo's and the iPod's capabilities. This is a great idea to add value to both great technologies. Hopefully, it will boost TiVo's financial position so they stick around long term (assuming they're careful about privacy and "red flag" issues for which they've been criticized previously). I'm not concerned about the iPod's longevity!

See also

Friday, November 18, 2005

iPod Battery Settlement Delayed

The recent iPod battery class action settlement has been delayed due to an appeal. Apple confirms that the appeal is not from them. It is likely from a consumer who is smart enough to know that the only ones that benefit from class action lawsuits are lawyers.

TooPoppy: When Will They Learn?

Let's just hope that EMI has learned something from the Sony fiasco.

What is up with Sony anyway? Awful MP3 players, letting Microsoft get a giant leap on the PlayStation 3, and so much more. Looking at my Sony TV, Sony DVD Player, Sony Receiver and more, I'm thinking these will be the last...

iPod Dating

Video Dating
Well, as much as I like my iPod, I'm already fairly intimate with it that I don't really need to date it. But maybe I'm missing the point of

Bad jokes aside, it didn't take long for co-founder David Hunegnaw and partner Roopan Dey to bring dating to the new iPod. Interesting concept - search for a potential date, download their video, and watch at your leisure on your iPod.

Registration & profiles are free (for now anyway) if you're interested in checking it out.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Buzz Off

My iPod has given me great pleasure since receiving it as a gift nearly two years ago, but this may be taking it too far. Novel concept, though.

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Most Beautiful iPod Case

This is great and something I'd never do. It really seems to be becoming a cliche now. Duct tape wallets. Duct tape phone. Duct tape, uh, tape. Now, the ubiquitous, all-purpose, grey sticky tape can be used to class-up your ratty, second-rate iPod. Hey, if anything, the instructional photos are delightfully terrible.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The New iPod Is Not Wider

The new iPod certainly looks wider than its previous generation, but it's the same 2.4 inches. The spacious 2.5 inch screen creates an optical illusion making the iPod look wider. It might be the same width, but it's substantially thinner than the previous generation. God I want one.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Internet iTunes Registry

Okay - now this is pretty cool & unique. The Internet iTunes Registry enables you to upload your iTunes-generated XML file, which it then analyzes, rates, compares, graphs and so much more. Check it out - really interesting stuff. Here's my Internet iTunes Registry homepage.

iBlue BlueTooth Hands Free Cell Phone iPod

If you're fortunate enough to already have a BlueTooth cell phone, there's now a product called the iBlue for iPods and iPod minis that provides the same functionality as a Motorola ROKR by utilizing your cell phone's hands-free capabilities. Unfortunately, the iPod Shuffle, iPod nano, and new iPod with video aren't supported, as they lack the wired remote port which the iBlue plugs into.

You can leave your cell phone in your pocket, purse, or bag. You just need to have easy access to your iPod (which is probably a given anyway). You can listen to your music and answer and make calls without getting out your cell phone, and the iBlue will automatically pause your iPod so you don't miss a beat (this is especially useful for audio books and Podcasts).

The included earphones have a microphone partway down the cord and a button for answering or making calls. After the initial configuration, which includes charging the iBlue's battery (you'll want to do this monthly, per the instructions), plugging it into the iPod, and pairing it with your cell phone, you can put your phone away.

Once you're using your iPod, it's just a push of a button to make or receive calls. A much better experience than regular hands-free accessories for cell phones.

Who really needs convergence when you can pick the peripherals you want and use them seamlessly and wirelessly?

Save 10% off an iBlue! Use coupon code IWantMyiBlue when entering web orders at Small Dog Electronics.

What? Me Fail English? That's Unpossible!

Don't really have anything to say with this. It's just darn funny.

The iPod's Halo Effect

iPod mania, along with other factors, is having a significant impact on the Apple v. Microsoft choice wars. It seems the popularity of the iPod is encouraging some Windows users to convert to Mac. One expert predicts Mac's market share will double by 2014. Keep in mind, that would only be an increase to 4%. Still, nice to see more switchers.

Still using a PC? Make the switch now - Pay no interest for up to 120 days on today's Mac purchase.

More Awards for Pixar Expected

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (the fancy name for the group that awards Emmys) is going to announce a new category to award original video content that is designed specifically for devices like cellphones and iPods. It's quite interesting to see recognition of this new medium before there's really even a market or a lot of programs for it. With companies like Sony and Apple pushing it with devices like PSP and the video iPod, it seems the Emmys wanted to look cutting edge and be a leader.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Stupid Headphones

I can accept that some people get away with wearing gigantic headphones in public. It's like the antithesis to wearing earbuds, and a way to get noticed I suppose. Or perhaps they're compensating for some other shortcoming in their life. Nonetheless, I think it's a pretty stupid look. Don't get me wrong, a great set of high quality headphones are awesome for personal, at-home use. I still have my Sony headphones from my radio days that even survived a tornado. But now I digress.

The new m-Tune-N headphones (no need to discuss the stupid name) is a terrible attempt at integrating the iPod. The nano is inserted into the headphones. Then you put the headphones on. Thank god they made access to the click wheel. I mean, that made it so much more convenient. I just cannot see how this is a useful feature. I suppose if you don't have any pockets and need to use both hands for something and you're too cool to use the earbuds and you need to compensate for some shortcoming in your life and you don't need easy access to your iPod controls, then these headphones are for you. Knock yourself out. The price is right.

Lennon Goes Digital, Not on iTunes

John Lennon will be releasing his new compilation this week digitally and the rest of his catalog in December, but not on iTunes.

Another One Bites the Dust

Say goodbye to file-swapping Grokster. Hello, iTunes.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

You Know My Name, Look Up My Number

Ah, new technology. The porn industry embraces it first, the Beatles last. According to this article, EMI, who owns the masters, but not the rights to the Beatles music, has been pressuring Apple Corps to embrace the digital music age.

But Apple Computer is yet again in a trademark infringement lawsuit with Apple Corp. Seems the last time they were in court, Apple Corp agreed that Apple Computer could use the name "Apple" as long as they didn't make music. The reported settlement Apple Computer paid was 30 million. When the Macintosh came out, it was capable of producing sounds and music. In typical Apple Computer rebelious fashion, one of the system alert sounds was named "Sosumi" (So Sue Me).

Now that Apple Computer is selling music, Apple Corps believes they are violating their agreement. I'd say that the case was delaying the Beatles appearance on iTunes, but I'm not sure. If you look back in history, they were always the last to jump on the technology bandwagon. Stereo. 8-Track. Cassette. CD's.

As a Beatles fanatic, I already own every song commercially released, as well as quite a few more. So I don't need to download their music. I'm just patiently waiting for them to upgrade the current CD's which were released in the 80's. Listen to their latest release, 1, and you can hear the incredible difference in quality. The bass is incredible (Come Together) and the quality is pristine.

C'mon Apple (Corps), get with the times and get on iTunes so that your fans - old and new - can get the Beatles music. Even the friggin' Rolling Stones are on iTunes.

Tunestir FM Radio for iPod

I've really never understood why people would want FM radio for their MP3 player. I use my iPod primarily to get away from radio.

But if you think you need it, check out Tunestir by Battery Technologies.

You can store favorite stations and even use it as a remote. People also seem to think you need remotes with portable devices. You know, the kind of devices you hold in your hand. Like a remote.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Of Course

As if we couldn't see this coming: porn on the pod.

A Warning for PC-using CD-buying Music Lovers

It's hard to believe that Sony would stoop low enough to destroy consumers' faith in the CD format, a format they helped balloon to mass popularity so long ago, by hiding dangerous software on its PCs in the name of copyright protection. These multimedia giants are ridiculously behind on the role of digital music in our lifestyles.

More evidence that iPods and iTunes are the future (and Macs, naturally).

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tivoli iSongBook Portable iPod Music System

Tivoli iSongBook PortableHere's a new portable iPod speaker system by Tivoli. Tivoli is a premium name with a premium sound.

This system has a detachable speaker, supports Apple's new universal dock standard, a nice remote, and that premium Tivoli sound.

Read the review at

Kensington SX2000 Speakers for iPod has just reviewed the new Kensington SX2000 iPod speaker system that is one of the first to use the new universal dock standard.

Quite an interesting design. Almost looks like a flat panel monitor.