Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The Apple iPad. The magical device with which you can surf the web. Read email. Play games. Create presentations. You can even read books on the iPad.

But you still can’t cook on it! -- Until now*! --

Introducing myCooktop™ – the 21st century solution to fast home cooking!

Not only can you conduct a day’s work on your iPad, but you can now use it to cook dinner! Forget your giant, inconvenient stove. Forget your messy oven. Never empty the ashes in your grill again. myCooktop grills, it boils, it roasts, it fries… *Seriously – don’t try to cook anything on your iPad. It will probably void your warranty and will definitely make it smell bad. Otherwise, have fun pretending to cook a fabulous virtual meal! And be careful! Don’t touch the burners - they’re HOT!

Buy today!

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